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                                                           By Sabrina Butler Porter


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"Exonerated"   The Sabrina Butler Story

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My service is to let the world know that sometimes the justice system gets it wrong. The death penalty does not deterr crime. My book is a tool to those who need some positivity in their lives and to know it is a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is GOD. Look at these  faces we are some of  the ones who the system failed ,we are the ones who almost lost our lives,but we are also the ones who fight to help end the death penalty. I work with witness to innocence and maybe we can come to your town,city or state. witness to innocence | 1501 Cherry St. | philadelphia, pa 19102 | 267.519.4584 | inf[email protected] us

Mary Morris Is my publisher she has been working with me faithly for 3yrs. She has produced several books like  Young Lions Challenge to live free  , ACrushed Rose by Roszalia Ellen
 contact her at the address below to purchase more books or some of these titles.

"A Crushed Rose" is my mother's book and it's about about a beautiful child who was robbed of her youth. Her voice was muted, spirit crushed, and body violated. Her eyes showed fear, sadness, and depression: people labeled her shy. She whispered her story to a few adults; they smiled and pretend not to understand.This Rose began to wither from the inside;her petals spiraled out of control. This is a must read book, so please support her. May God bless you.Sadly my mom passed away oct 15,2014 but her memory lives on in us

Meet Roszalia Ellen


We owe it to her to read compassionately and draw wider lessons about the world we shape for generations to come."
                  -- Saundra D. Westervelt and Kimberly J. Cook, authors of Life After Death Row: Exonerees' Search for Community and Identity, 2012, Rutgers University Press.

Sabrina’s story is about a black woman who could not afford justice, and a system bent on scapegoating and winning by any means rather than seeking true justice. The state was determined to put her to death, but through faith and perseverance she claimed victory."

 Witness to Innocence.

In 1989, Sabrina Butler charged with killing her 9-month-old son, went to trial and found guilty.  The trial ended March 12, 1990.  The court established her death date as July 2, 1990, by lethal injection.  As all hope faded, God sent her help in the form of her mother, Roszalia Ellen, plus other key people.  They helped to establish her innocence and she received a new trial.  Sabrina served six and a half years behind bars.  This included two years and nine months on death row – Dead woman walking.  During the retrial in December 1995, she was found not guilty and set free.  The years of shackles on her wrists, waist, and feet gave her the inspiration to write about her experience.  Her book magnifies the disregard for the rights of the accused.  In the U.S. 259 people, declared innocent while on death row.  Sabrina was #59.  She is the only woman exonerated in the United States.  She has joined the ranks of others who are working to abolish the death penalty in the United States of America.    


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