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      Exonerated The SabrinaButler Story  
              By Sabrina Butler Smith

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(Roszalia Smith And Sons)

This is a look into the tragic story of Sabrina Butler

                                                   About The Author

About the Author


Imagine that you are Sabrina Butler.  You grew up in poverty, endured racism, and oppression.  You are a high school dropout, married at age 15, with two children by age 17.  Life is hard, but your worst nightmare occurred on April 11, 1989.  Your nine-month-old son died.  You attempted to save his life. 


Twelve police officers questioned you and three detectives interrogated you.  They interrogated you without your mother, father, brothers, or an attorney. 

They charged you with a crime you did not commit – capital murder.  During the trial, they found you guilty of capital murder.  The trial ended on March 12, 1990.  The court established your death date as July 2, 1990, by lethal injection.       


You endured abuse all of your life.  However, the abuse heaped on you by ambitious people hiding within a system was unreal.  Why would powerful men rush to put a powerless young girl to death?  Now wake up, your nightmare is over.  Nevertheless, enlightened citizens must work to end a corrupt system designed to kill the powerless – guilty or innocent.  A civilized society does not want to miss the opportunity to right the wrongs.  The United States abolished slavery in 1865, now it is time to abolish the death penalty!


  EXONERATED:  The Sabrina Butler Story