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                                                           By Sabrina Butler Smith

   Who am I, I am woman with a vision to change our current justice system into a fair an just system. I am a woman who Loves God and my children an the life he has allowed me to have. I an=m a woman who is willing to help where a I can and strive for a just cause. And lastly I am a woman who was wrongfully sentenced to die for a crime that was never a crime to start with.

I received The Order Granting   Expungement for the Capital Murder charge for which I was wrongfully accused. It was ordered on July 16th 2012. Case # 11,084. I also received my first payment June 29th 2012, in a series of payments from the state of Mississippi for wrongful conviction. My testimony is wait on God he will bring you out! Satan did not win God did Amen!